Allowing Breathtaking Gratitude to Interrupt the Everyday

Allowing Breathtaking Gratitude to Interrupt the Everyday

Today’s post is an excerpt from our brand new 10-day devotional, Simply Gratitude. The entire devotional talks about finding gratitude even in the unexpected seasons of life. May this post bless you and encourage you today!

Allowing Breathtaking Gratitude to Interrupt the Everyday

Read Luke 17:11-19 

How long had he lived separated from his family, friends, and community? How long did he yearn to wrap his arms around his loved ones, to speak to them, and communicate his love towards them. 

You see, those with leprosy lived away from the general population in hopes of containing this very contagious disease. They weren’t allowed to return to their homes, their families, and their loved ones until they could prove that they were healed. 

These ten lepers heard that Jesus would be coming by. They heard of all the amazing miracles Jesus had performed on others and they just knew that if they got close enough, that they could be healed. They could be freed from this wretched and lonely disease. 

And guess what? Jesus did heal them. He sent them away to show themselves to the priests, to prove their healing so that they could return to their families. One, as he turned to present his healed self to the priests, noticed that he had been healed. He recognized his need to praise. He saw this very real and powerful freedom that had been given to Him, right there and in that moment. He stopped his journey to turn back to Jesus and offer his praise and thanks. 

How many of us recognize a reason for thanksgiving right in the middle of the miracle? How many of us look more like the other nine who continued their uninterrupted journey without once offering Jesus thanks. 

May we recognize the miracle in the middle of the everyday moments. May we allow breathtaking gratitude to interrupt our journey. May praise and gratitude flow continuously from our lips to our Savior!


• When was the last time that breathtaking gratitude interrupted your mundane moments and led to intentional praise and worship of your Savior?

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