Adopted: Loved By the Father

Adopted: Loved By the Father


On each Friday in the month of March, we will be talking about our adoption by our Heavenly Father. Each article in this series will be in our Simply Series format. You can expect a few verses, a short devotional, and a question or two at the end. The Adopted series is preparing us for our brand new, 33-day series called, Simply Living Like Royalty set to be released on March 30th. 

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Adopted: Loved by the Father

Dreaming with Expectant Hearts

Read 1 John 4:19-21

Have you ever considered the preparation that goes into adoptions? Most adoptions don't happen overnight. In fact, adoption never begins as soon as a child is placed in a family. It usually begins with the parents dreaming, imagining, and preparing for their future child. They love this child long before they've ever laid eyes on them. In fact, long before they have a face or a name, they've already claimed this child as their own in their hearts. 

When I think of 1 John 4:19, I think of God preparing and putting elements in place for our adoption. Long before we even think of God, He was already dreaming, imagining, and preparing for our arrival into His family and into His arms. His love for us is stronger, bigger, and deeper than we could ever even dream and it began long before we even knew His name. It began long before our birth! 

He plans, He dreams, and He prepares. Think about the parents who already have children (biological or adopted) and are preparing to bring in another member of their family. What do they do? If their children are old enough, the parents usually plan, dream, and prepare with their family, right? They talk a lot about what it will be like when the new member of their family arrives. 

Is it any wonder that God, who loves as big as He does, would require that His family love each other in the same way? God loves big and together with His family, His love is multiplied. If God's family were to come walking down the street in mass, we'd recognize each member as being related based how much we loved each other and how much we loved the Father.

With all this love flying around, each member of God's family can go into this world with confidence in the knowledge that we are deeply loved by the father. 


  • What does adoption teach you about God's love?


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