Adopted: Grace and Kindness Extended

God's Loving Arm Extended Towards Us


On each Friday in the month of March, we will be talking about our adoption by our Heavenly Father. Each article in this series will be in our Simply Series format. You can expect a few verses, a short devotional, and a question or two at the end. The Adopted series is preparing us for our brand new, 33-day series called, Simply Living Like Royalty set to be released on March 30th. 

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Adopted: Grace and Kindness Extended

God’s Loving Arm Extended Towards Us

Read Ephesians 2:1-7

Grace, kindness, compassion, and mercy. When I think of God’s incredible love towards me I am moved by how He loved me long before I even knew of Him. When I think of His love, I can’t help but think about His long arm reached out towards me, calling and wooing me towards Himself. He wooed me with His unending love. He wooed me with His grace, even though I don’t deserve grace. He wooed me with His kindness, which humbles me. He extended kindness and grace towards me when I deserved so much less!

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Like all of humanity, I was wandering a path that led far away from Him. That sinful path led to my destruction, yet God’s arm reached out towards me. Taking hold of His love, His grace, and His kindness, He plucked me off that path and set me on a new one. The new one led to freedom from sin, forgiveness from my wrongdoing, and an eternal and abundant life. What a tradeoff! How vastly different are these paths!

Whenever I think of adoption, I think of the sister that was almost mine. This sweet baby girl was so loved! Even today, I think of her, pray for her, and wonder what has become of her. What I know is that she was loved by not one family, but THREE! My parents were her foster parents and at the same time her parents had planned to ask my parents to adopt her, my parents had announced their intention to move out of state. Had they waited one week, I would have myself a little sister! But God had amazing and beautiful plans that were the best-of-the-best! You see, the families that loved her were all in her best interest, but God’s best was even better than our best!

I think about how multiple families had longed for her, prayed for her, and loved her sacrificially. I think about how each family had one arm extended towards her that invited her to become part of their family… forever! 

Just like their arms were extended with this beautiful and forever offer, God extends His loving arm the same way. He longs for us to join His family. He longs for us to take advantage of His incredible love towards us. He wants us to FEEL and KNOW that we are truly known and loved! He sacrificially gave to make a way for us to join His forever family.


  • What do you think of God’s offer?

  • When you think of adoption, kindness, and grace, what springs to your mind?


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