A Reminder to Love God With Everything

A Reminder to Love God with Everything

Today’s Reading:

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Sometimes life is just hard.

This week, for me, has been no exception.

Isn’t that a funny term, “has been no exception.” I sure wish I could be the exception. I’d love to be the exception that gets to not experience life’s difficulties, wouldn’t you?

This week has felt more like being lost at sea. Imagine those huge, crashing waves over a tiny little raft, and I think we’ve summed up this week’s motherhood. No matter what I did, I didn’t seem to have an ounce of “control.” Though, with parenting, does anyone have any real control? Most of motherhood is simply influencing our children to making right decisions that only enhance their own growth. This week, I feel like I’ve lost that battle.

For weeks, I’ve encouraged my children to be honest. I’ve encouraged them to be respectful. I’ve encouraged them to be thoughtful of others. But their will has been incredibly strong. They chose to lie instead of be honest. They chose to be disrespectful, rather than respectful. And they chose to think selfishly, rather than selflessly. After weeks of losing this important battle, I found myself feeling so defeated. I kept wondering whether or not my children even liked me, much less if they loved me. I wondered if I was even a good mom. I wondered if this battle was even worth fighting. Simply put, I was discouraged, defeated, and a bit depressed. I was angry, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Did you know that even in the midst of a tough week (or few weeks), tough circumstances, bad days, and days of defeat, that God still calls and encourages us to love Him. Not just a passing “I love you” in the hallway to the bathroom where you find a moment’s peace, but a complete love. The kind of love that is talked about in the Bible of loving God with everything we are (heart, soul, mind, and strength).

When I peel back the layers of my heart and when I peel back the distraction of the week, you’ll find that I love God. But I think that’s not the point and that it isn’t really the kind of love that’s talked about in the Bible. We shouldn’t have to peel back any layers to find that love for God. It should be as evident as a decorative band on our forehead (a frontlet). It should be obvious to ourselves, our children, our families, the world around us, and even strangers that we love God with every part of who we are. Even when life gets tough. Even when motherhood makes us want to throw in the towel. Even when we feel tossed at sea by life’s circumstances.

This week, before my kids wake up, I choose to put God first. That no matter what motherhood will ask of me this week, I choose to put God above it all.

My kids need to see God, even when I don’t feel like being loving.

I need to focus on God, even when I’m frustrated, overwhelmed, and feeling defeated.

May these little blips of frustration not mark their memories, but let my love of God mark their eternity. May they look back on their childhood and see a mom who loved God above it all, not underneath it all.

If you find yourself struggling through a rough week that leaves you feel defeated, my prayer is that God will reveal Himself to us in an unescapable way. May we not be able to ignore Him, but may we dive into His love and choose to shower Him with ours.

Let love mark your week.