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A Reminder to Love God With Everything

This week has felt more like being lost at sea. Imagine those huge, crashing waves over a tiny little raft, and I think we’ve summed up this week’s motherhood. No matter what I did, I didn’t seem to have an ounce of “control.” Though, with parenting, does anyone have any real control? Most of motherhood is simply influencing our children to making right decisions that only enhance their own growth. This week, I feel like I’ve lost that battle.

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How to Choose the Right Crafts and Activities to Make Your Lesson Exciting

Have you ever googled different activities you can play? A search for “Icebreakers” alone yeilds thousands of results, if not millions. How do you know which game is the right game to play for your lesson? How do you pick the best game in a sea of great games?

What about crafts? How do you pick a craft that best reminds these kids of the lesson they just learned? Are you stuck with yet another paper craft? How can you pick the best craft to remind your student of the exciting lesson they just finished learning?

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Exciting Ways You Can Encourage Kids to Memorize Scripture

But, if we had God’s Word hidden in our hearts, it would change everything. Wouldn’t it?

Comfort would be a thought or a whisper away. Wisdom and truth completely available to you when you need it. Words for your prayers when you’re struggling to find the right words to speak, would be found in that hidden treasure chest inside your heart.

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