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How the Choice to Love Benefits You

For being a month devoted to love, there's a lot of relationships it leaves out. Primarily, it leaves out all of the relationships that AREN'T romantic. What about love between friends? What about love between siblings? What about love between other family members (such as with a favorite aunt or uncle)? What about love towards God? So many relationships get overlooked, yet there's a TON that we can learn from those relationships!

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Three Things to Consider When You Want Lasting Change

What do you think of when you reflect on the last year?

Some of us look upon the last year with regret, others of us look at the last year with joy. The danger for all of us is that we spend so much time looking at the past, that we don’t realize the real opportunity of the future. We don’t realize the blessing that God isn’t leaving us in last year, but calling us to follow Him in this one!

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Simply Choosing Godly Change in the New Year

Are you looking for ways to continue to grow your relationship with God? Be sure to sign up for this 10-day devotional as we examine eight different areas to not grow complacent in and to seek God’s fresh touch in! Let’s strive to look more like Him in these areas and less like ourselves!

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Unexpected Gratitude and the Beauty of a Simple Thank-You

It makes me wonder, how often do we even notice our answered prayers? How often do we notice our answered prayers and then give thanks and praise to the One who answered them? Just like my student's gratitude so moved my heart, I'm pretty sure Jesus loves to hear of our gratitude! 

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