How The Right Influence Can Impact Your Whole Year (And Life)!

If your friends determine the sort of future you can expect, then who are you allowing to influence your life? Who do you turn to when things aren’t going your way? Who do you turn to when you find yourself up against resistance to the calling God has placed on your life? Who do you listen to, even when you don’t want to hear their words?

All of this will influence the year you will have. All of it will determine whether or not your godly change will be lasting.

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Three Things to Consider When You Want Lasting Change

What do you think of when you reflect on the last year?

Some of us look upon the last year with regret, others of us look at the last year with joy. The danger for all of us is that we spend so much time looking at the past, that we don’t realize the real opportunity of the future. We don’t realize the blessing that God isn’t leaving us in last year, but calling us to follow Him in this one!

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Trusting God to be True to His Word

Can you imagine holding onto a prayer request for years? This prayer stays on your heart for day after day, month after month, year after year. No matter what, you just can’t let go of this request. Maybe it’s a prayer for healing. Maybe it’s a prayer for a child. Maybe it’s a prayer for a loved one to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Time after time, you approach the throne of God with this desperate prayer.

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When Grace Replaces Mourning With Joy

June 18, 2016 is a day that I will never forget as long as I live. Even writing these words causes the grief to well up inside me, the air to be sucked from my lungs, and the knot in the pit of my stomach bubbles up with nausea. The tears flow freely as I listen to two little blessings in the background watching cartoons and wandering the house with “dark vader swords.” 

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Simply Choosing Godly Change in the New Year

Are you looking for ways to continue to grow your relationship with God? Be sure to sign up for this 10-day devotional as we examine eight different areas to not grow complacent in and to seek God’s fresh touch in! Let’s strive to look more like Him in these areas and less like ourselves!

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