The Importance of Slowing Down to Fill our Grateful Heart

Do you slow down often enough to notice when Jesus answers your prayers? Do you take the time to truly notice the details of your life, the miracles, and the blessings? Do you forget the responsibility of any given moment (and even the sheer joy) to turn back to Jesus and humbly offer a simple thank-you?

The only way we can fill a heart of gratitude is truly slow down and notice the details. 

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Practical Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Have you ever noticed how you can look super busy but not actually get anything done? One of the most mind-boggling truths I've discovered in my short "slow life" journey is that you really accomplish the same amount of work whether you choose to be "busy" all the time or if you choose to slow down and enjoy the moment. The only difference, really, is whether you're going to approach life with a stressed out mind or one with peace. 

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How Praying for Your Lesson Makes It Better

The One who was present in every story we read is also the One who leads us in our Bible study lessons. How incredible is that? Even more incredible is that He knows exactly what each of us needs to hear at exactly the right time. When we allow God to lead us in our preparation, He will allow us in the most powerful executions of that lesson. 

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