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Maybe you've recently given your life to Christ and now you're sitting there thinking, "now what?" 

Maybe you've starting finding yourself getting the same ol' thing out of the same ol' passages. 

Maybe you're feeling that your relationship with God is a bit stale and needs new life breathed back into it. 

Maybe you're just looking for encouragement and inspiration to keep on trucking along in your walk with the Lord. 

If any of these apply to you, let me be the very first to welcome you with open arms, genuine excitement, and eyes full of life as I say

I'm so glad you're here!

Hi, I'm Erin and I'm the writer here at Momma's Living Room. Momma's Living Room was birthed out of a desire to see Christians inspired to step-it-up in their relationship with God. My prayer is that your relationship with God would truly transform into a Life-Receiving and Life-Giving relationship. I pray that God would birth a passion in you so that like Jeremiah you won't be able to keep your mouth shut, nor will you want to. 

To help you step it-it-up in your relationship with God, Momma's Living Room provides encouraging, inspiring, and challenging content to reach you in the busyness of your season. Here at Momma's Living Room, you will find:

  • Bi-Weekly posts on the blog. One is focused on helping you to see God through any life situation and circumstance. The other is living out what God teaches you in the midst of hospitality and homemaking.
  • Children's Bible Studies in the Freebie Library. These Bible Studies are meant to help the whole family connect with God. We at Momma's Living Room, believe that children have a place in the Kingdom of God. We also believe in uplifting the family, helping it to focus on Jesus and to grow deeper relationships with each other.
  • Simply Themed Devotional Series in the Freebie Library. These devotional series have a very simple format, which is excellent for those busy seasons. These devotions have thought-provoking content to help you dive further into the Bible. With a few verses, a short devotional, and a question or two, you will have a quality devotional that will help your faith and your relationship with God grow. 
Jeremiah quote

In 2016, I found myself knowing and trusting that God had a plan for my life, but not quite understanding the direction He was calling me to. I wrote about things that sucked the life right out of me rather than filling me with the Breath of Life. After months of struggle and prayer I had my answer. 

God had revealed the idea of being a Christian blogger and my heart soared with excitement and passion that still exists today. In January 2017, I relaunched Momma's Living Room to be a reflection of that calling, the excitement, and the passion. I've walked this incredible journey for almost a year now and I am seeing no signs of slowing down. My passion isn't waning and, in fact, my passion continues to grow as God works on my own heart and in my own life. 

My desire through Momma's Living Room is that I can come alongside you and be your friend. 

I want to be that friend who challenges you to do the hard things.

I want to be that friend who tells you the things you need to hear, rather than the things you want to hear. 

I want to be that friend who gives you the push you need to dive into all that God is, all that He has for you, and all that He can and will do in your life.

I want to be the friend who is your loudest cheerleader as you run the race. 

Will you let me be that friend?

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