Be Ready to Respond in Kindness

The interaction with this bank teller lasted under 4 minutes. As I left, I wished him well with his holiday plans and this is when the weird moment had struck. First, he was dumbfounded that I even had paid attention to his story. He had probably told of his plans to every customer who walked into that bank but judging by his reaction, I was the first to acknowledge his plans and the fact that I was listening. Talking with a bank teller is a lot like asking the world around you, "How are you?" People answer but people rarely slow down to listen and acknowledge the response.  

His mouth had dropped open and he began to stumble through his response. The simple gratitude in being acknowledged and noticed was very evident on his face. 

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Four Steps to Showing Love to Your Neighbor

Welcome to this lovely Friday Morning! Every Friday morning, we are continuing a conversation about hospitality and homemaking. I believe that hospitality is more than beautiful home decor, fancy table settings, and delicious foods. I believe that homemaking is more than cleaning schedules and making various foods from scratch. My hope and prayer are that, together, we discover that hospitality and homemaking are true ministries and practical ways to love our neighbors. 

On this lovely morning, I am so thrilled to welcome today's guest writer in our hospitality and homemaking series. Meet Katie from Grace and Thanks!

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Learning to Show Kindness Like Jesus Did: In Deed and In Truth

Imagine. You see a swimmer struggling for life out on the ocean. They have gotten caught in a riptide and have been taken out to sea. Soon, you see massive sharks circling this poor swimmer and you know that if something is not done, this swimmer will surely die. If the sharks decide to spare this swimmer, it is likely the exhaustion from staying afloat will surely drown them. 

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Wronged and Worshiping

How do you typically respond when you have been wronged? Do you run to your friends and talk about how unfair your situation is? Do you bury your hurt feelings deep within your heart and allow it to fester? 

What if, instead of running to our nearest confidante, we choose to pray, praise, and worship? How would that change our outlook on our situation? How could it expand our perspective? How might others be impacted by this baffling choice? 

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Homemaking with Joy

Even if Jesus had healed me in that exact moment, I am not sure that I would have been quick to return to my chores. I do not think that I would have welcomed any guests, probably in fear that the nausea would return. I think that even my husband would have cautioned me to “take it easy for a few days” before taking on prior responsibilities or welcoming company. 

Maybe these reasons are why this story baffles me.

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A Spilled Tray and Surprising Kindness

There I was watching this tray of delicious food fall to the ground in complete slow motion. This humiliating moment sponsored by motherhood and sheer exhaustion. I was mortified. Tears brimmed my eyes as I stood there, mouth agape, wondering how to escape this moment with the least amount of humiliation as possible. 

It did not help that the restaurant was full. It did not help that I was at the front of a very long line and had just paid for my meal. It did not help that my two-year-old was already running off in a completely different direction. How I wanted to be like my two-year-old, running away and completely oblivious to the disaster that had befallen our lunch. 

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