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Dear Christian, Have You Truly Devoted Your Life to Christ?

So many times we might be running the same race that Paul talks about and we come across a runner who just seems to be doing it better than us. Maybe they cause us to question our own devotion to Jesus. Or maybe you haven't even hardly begun the race and you're just discovering how much work this race is going to be. Regardless of where we are in this race, the goal is Jesus.

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Reaching the Heart of Your Children

I want to say that requiring obedience of your children is very important.  When you teach them to obey you, you are preparing them to obey God when they are older.  They will not question God or tell Him to wait, they will say, “Yes, God, right away!”  With that being said, it is super important that you do not become legalistic about obedience.  Be the mama that your children want to obey.  Fill them with love every day and make it easy to obey you.  

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