Thankful that God Answers My Prayers

Isn’t it strange that it’s so easy to pray for miracles when it’s obvious that we have absolutely no control over a situation? 

I prayed. I prayed hard. I prayed for miracles, despite being told that, “there was a chance ____.” And you know what, God worked miracles. He worked miracles that I wasn’t expecting or anticipating. 

Sitting in that hospital and going crazy with worry, there was a showdown taking place. There was a showdown between my trust in God and my worry. It wasn’t unlike another showdown that takes place in the Bible.

Showing Hospitality to Our Spouse

Welcome to this lovely Friday Morning! Every Friday morning, we are continuing a conversation about hospitality and homemaking. I believe that hospitality is more than beautiful home decor, fancy table settings, and delicious foods. I believe that homemaking is more than cleaning schedules and making various foods from scratch. My hope and prayer are that, together, we discover that hospitality and homemaking are true ministries and practical ways to love our neighbors. 

On this lovely morning, I am so thrilled to welcome today's guest writer in our hospitality and homemaking series. Meet Vanessa from Christfollower85!