Reaching the Heart of Your Children

I want to say that requiring obedience of your children is very important.  When you teach them to obey you, you are preparing them to obey God when they are older.  They will not question God or tell Him to wait, they will say, “Yes, God, right away!”  With that being said, it is super important that you do not become legalistic about obedience.  Be the mama that your children want to obey.  Fill them with love every day and make it easy to obey you.  

Heart Check for Mama

I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for God to see my continual patterns of sin and yet, He is slow to anger.  He is so patient with me.  He brings people in my life to help shape me into the disciple that I am meant to be.  Are you being that mentor for your child?  Are you approachable?  Are you gentle in your response to his sin?