Are You Ready to Slay Some Giants
And Secure Your Freedom?

For fourteen days we will journey together
as we consider ten giants and how to defeat them.
We will look at ten different Biblical characters and
examine how they defeated these giants and we, too, can secure our victory. 
Let's do this!

The Book of Mark

The Book of Mark

Latest Project: The Book of Mark

Introducing our newest series, The Book of Mark!

It's a very different format than everything else Momma's Living Room has ever done. For starters, YOU are the one navigating through what God has for you when you read His Word. There's no devotional, just a packet that gives you the tools to dive into the Word and receive what the Lord has for YOU.

Learn more about this newest project and the coolest part!


Let's Dive in!

Let's Dive in and See What the Lord has for you today!

Head on over to the blog and see what little nuggets the Lord will drop into your heart. The current series for January is on Slaying Giants!

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